The School of Engineering is expanding into the heart of Macquarie Business Park

Yesterday, the School of Engineering officially completed phase one of its off-campus move in response to expansion of research and teaching. 

They are excited to take up residence in custom-designed research, teaching, laboratory and office space at 44 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park. Next, they will occupy part of 50 Waterloo Road (adjacent) while maintaining a significant presence on campus at 7 Wally’s Walk and in Teaching Facilities.

Students will attend classes on the main campus and use the 44 Waterloo Road location for projects and classes. Staff will be working between both locations.

The university community will still be in regular contact with staff and students who’ve relocated. We’ve answered some of the most common questions:

Where is 44 Waterloo Road in relation to campus? See map below.


How can I get there and back?

  • Walking The approximate 1.6 km distance between Macquarie University Library and 44 Waterloo Road represents a 20-25 minute walk.
  • Train (until 30 September 2018 reopening first half of 2019) Normal trains run every 15 minutes between Macquarie University and Macquarie Park stations, taking around four minutes. The building at 44 Waterloo Road is approximately five minutes’ walk from the Macquarie Park station.Transport for NSW will operate Station Link, an enhanced bus service during the station upgrade period, with extra bus routes including between Macquarie Park and Macquarie University train stations.
  • Bus Transport for NSW operates a regular bus service in both directions (routes: 197, 545, 611, 619, 621, 628, 651, 740, M41, M54) along Waterloo Road with the trip taking approximately four minutes.
    Bus stops are located outside 44 Waterloo Road; at Macquarie University train station, University Avenue and Balaclava Road.

Can anybody use the parking at 44 Waterloo Road?
No. A set number of staff-only parking spaces, as well as disability, university vehicle and visitor parking have been allocated. Permission to park on site is by arrangement with the faculty.

What’s nearby?
Macquarie Shopping Centre is approximately 10 minutes’ or 1 km walkaway and there are other food venues nearby such as Verace Pizzeria in Khartoum Road, cafes and fast food outlets along Lane Cove Road and coffee bars on Lyon Park Road (Ellate Coffee Bar, Bluestone Espresso Bar, Bar Novo), Batch ZKK on Optus Drive and Glasshouse on Byfield Street.


Also relocated from our main campus to the new premises is Macquarie University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering wind tunnel.





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