Macquarie’s new crowdfunding site to ignite project funding

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Funding. Everyone’s after it. It’s often in short supply. And it usually takes mountains of paperwork to get your hands on some. But that could be about to change.

Thanks to an initiative from the Office of Advancement, students and staff will soon have an opportunity to raise – and contribute – funds for University-based projects, with the launch of Macquarie’s very own crowdfunding platform Ignite.

Following the model of well-known crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter, Macquarie’s Ignite platform will allow project champions to raise philanthropic funds by leveraging their professional and personal networks.

The big difference with Ignite is that students and staff will not be charged platform usage fees, which typically range from three to five per cent on third party sites. Ignite users will also receive tools, training and guidance from the Advancement team on maximising support for their project.

Eric Daro, Director of Individual Giving in the Office of Advancement, says Ignite came about because people were looking for ways to support small projects or causes that they felt particularly passionate about.

“We know that Macquarie students and staff feel very strongly about making a positive difference,” Eric says. “We really wanted to empower them to be part of some of the Macquarie projects that are having a real impact in our communities.

“Through Ignite, our staff, students, alumni and community members will be able to browse projects according to their particular areas of interest – be it the environment, the arts, health initiatives or community outreach – knowing that they are supporting a colleague whose project has been backed by the University.”

One of the first projects to go live on Ignite is Portraits of Recovery – a collaborative project between Professor Jennie Hudson, Director of the University’s Centre for Emotional Health, and respected artist Joe Lander. The duo hopes to raise $8000 for an exhibition which will feature 30 portraits of men who have recovered from mental illness, with a particular focus on depression, anxiety and attempted suicide.

“It’s wonderful that Macquarie has introduced the Ignite platform,” says Joe. “I’m excited about the campaign and I feel confident that we will be able to reach our target.”

A study of 23 Australian universities revealed that crowdfunding activities generated over $558,000 between 2011 and 2015.
~ Study by Jonathan O’Donnell, RMIT University, February 2016.

Do you have questions about Ignite? Visit the FAQs page or contact the Office of Advancement on 9850 1357.





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