Go for it! Extracurricular commitment led one student on a pathway to career success


Don’t delay in getting into all the activities the University has to offer. You never know where it might lead. 

One student whose life was transformed by doing just that – joining in, stepping up and immersing herself into everything that passed her way at uni – was Harkiran Khanna, a student who graduated from Macquarie in April 2018 with a double degree in Bachelor of Arts (Criminology) and Bachelor of Science (Business Information Systems).

While studying, Harkiran distinguished herself by participating in a wide range of extra-curricular activities that were not only fun but also gave her the edge she needed when it later came to competing for graduate employment. She joined the Global Leadership Program where she developed leadership skills and learnt how to deal with cross-cultural sensitivities. She was also president of Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), an initiative on campus which aims to motivate women in science and engineering by providing them with a sense of ownership and importance.

In 2017, she took part in Univative, an inter-university, inter-disciplinary consulting competition which aims to develop students’ employability. Harkiran’s team was assigned a business/IT project by Thrive Youth Transition Services. Her team’s project, which won the competition, focused on connecting refugees and employers with a mobile application that demonstrated the refugees’ skills rather than their experience.

“Univative provided us with valuable networking opportunities where students engaged in cross-pollination of ideas and shared their innovative solutions. This facilitated inter-disciplinary consulting expertise that was crucial in the execution of our presentation,” says Harkiran.

The high-achieving student was also a mentor for the LEAP program, a unique initiative for high school students with a refugee background. The program encourages students to explore and navigate future education and career pathways with the support of Macquarie University volunteer LEAP student mentors like Harkiran.

Harkiran then participated in two PACE units where she worked on a business information project and volunteered at the Powerhouse Museum. She started working for Student Connect in 2015, where she further developed her communication and problem-solving skills.

But that’s not all! As Harkiran was such a standout student, committed to getting the most out of her studies and student experience, she was invited by Macquarie University’s Career and Employment Service to speak at ‘Tapping into Macquarie Talent’ in November 2017. This event, organised by the Career and Employment Service, showcases Macquarie University’s high-quality, talented students to potential employers.

Harkiran spoke about her experience in extra-curricular activities and made a great impression on one recruiter in particular who saw her presentation and offered her a graduate position. Harkiran left Student Connect in May 2018 to commence an exciting new job as an IT Analyst at Accenture where she is sure to continue on her path to success.





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  1. You rock Harkiran! You are such an inspiration to many students and I often refer to you when speaking about incorporating extracurricular activities into their busy schedules. It was a pleasure working with you on Univative and alongside you at Student Connect. All the very best in your future career.

  2. What an amazing opportunity for Harkiran, very happy to hear all her hard work has came to fruition with this great opportunity at Accenture. The very best of luck!