Introducing Keoride on-demand bus service


Keoride on-demand bus service has recently launched in the Macquarie Park area following a successful trial on the Northern Beaches. Students living within 7.5km of Macquarie Park can use an Android or iPhone app to book the on-demand shuttle bus service to take them to or from Uni. This could save them both time and money.

We asked first-year software engineering and physics student Jordan Bertasso, who gave the service a whirl, to comment on his ride home from uni.

How would you describe Keoride?
It’s an easy-to-use, Uber-like on-demand service that enables easier transport to and from the Macquarie Park area, including Macquarie Uni.

Where did you use the service to get to, and how much did it cost?
I booked a journey with Keoride from the Uni back to my home in St Ives after my classes finished for the day. All up, my trip only cost me $5.60.

Did it save you any time or money?
I’d say the convenience factor and the amount of time Keoride saved me in getting home from Uni was well worth the price. Normally, I’d have to take a 40-minute bus ride home and then walk, but with Keoride it was faster – about the same amount of time as if I drove home myself.

How would you describe your experience of using Keoride?
It was really easy and intuitive. You book your rides from a map interface on the smartphone app and you get alerted via a text and a notification on the app when the shuttle bus is approaching to pick you up. Overall, it was very quick and convenient.

Would you recommend Keoride to other students?
I would definitely recommend Keoride because it will save a lot of travel time for some people, depending on where they live and their current transport situation. Hours of transport every week eventually add up, and you don’t realise the time you’re able to save until you try something different.






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