Discover ‘You to the Power of Us’ – our new ad campaign

You to the Power of Us

If you’re catching a movie during the break, you may see a familiar lighthouse popping up on the big screen.

Macquarie’s latest ad campaign ‘You to the Power of Us’ was launched last week, and will be seen in cinemas, outdoor, on catch-up TV and digital.

Featuring the Flume track ‘You & Me’, the campaign highlights how human collaboration multiplies our ability to achieve remarkable things.

Macquarie is already well known for its cross-disciplinary approach to research and teaching, as well as its close connections to industry. The campaign highlights how this collaborative approach has led to amazing research discoveries like making surfers invisible and using zebrafish to help find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease.

The campaign also focuses on how Macquarie’s learning environment multiplies your future potential, with our PACE and global exchange programs creating opportunities for students to enhance their employability:

Discover (You)us on the campaign landing page.






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  1. Just being able to collaborate is itself a step forward and a skill in generating possibility at the very least.

      1. Hi Adam,

        I think you’ve missed the point of the ad. The whole pitch is about the diversity within the university and how as a student/ researcher you gain access to these diverse resources.
        For example, the ad mentions how an artist, archaeologist and radiographer are all working together to answer a question. These fields are certainly very diverse from each other. Thus, the take-home message is the uni’s diversity is behind you.

        On a second note, this is a not facebook. Please reframe from leaving such comments and or wrong assumptions that someone does or doesn’t know how to use English. It is uncalled for and in this case completely incorrect.