BD public realm construction begins this week

Construction on the Becton Dickinson (BD) public realm upgrade begins on Monday 26 February with the establishment of a contractor site compound. The compound will be situated on the section of road on Research Park Drive that’s been closed to traffic since December.

To accommodate the site compound, the footpath on the eastern side of Research Park Drive from the student housing pathway to the BD building (4 Research Park Drive) carpark entry will be closed. Pedestrians arriving on campus from the station area will be diverted to the footpath on the western side of Research Park Drive, as per the map below the following FAQs.

The eastern side footpath will remain closed for approximately nine months.

Below are more details on what the BD public realm upgrade project involves and how it may affect you.

What does the BD public realm upgrade involve?
The project includes re-aligning Innovation Road from University Creek to the rear of the BD building at 4 Research Park Drive to provide a new access route to East 2 and East 3 carparks, reconstruction of Research Park Drive with new paving and landscaping, new lighting, and landscaping and reconfiguration of the BD building carpark access.

An extension of Wally’s Walk from Research Park Drive, with an accessible pathway to 75 Talavera Road and University Creek, will be completed in the future.  This will be in conjunction with the construction of a new Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences facility adjacent to Macquarie University Hospital.

A map detailing the layout of the reconfigured Innovation Road after the works can be found at the bottom of this page.

Why has the University decided to upgrade the BD public realm
One of the aims of the Campus Development Plan is to manage traffic to make the campus safer and more pedestrian friendly. The BD public realm upgrade will improve traffic and pedestrian safety, amenity, accessibility and connectivity of the area, making for a more enjoyable pedestrian experience.

When do the works commence?
Works commence on 26 February 2018.

How long will the works take?
Construction will be completed by mid-October 2018.

Will vehicle access to Research Park Drive be disrupted?
Yes. Vehicle access via Herring and Innovation Roads will not be possible for periods during construction, and staff using the East 2 and East 3 carparks are advised to get into the routine of using Talavera Road to enter the University and stay clear of Innovation Road altogether.

Regular construction updates will be issued throughout construction to advise of road closures and changed access.

Will my access to the BD building be disrupted?
Access to the BD building will remain open, but will be restricted to a safe corridor through the construction zone while new paving is being installed.

Will my access to the BD basement and visitor carparks be disrupted?
Basement carpark access will be relocated to the north side of the building. Access to the visitor and disabled carparks on Research Park Drive will be disrupted for a short period of time while new paving is being installed. Affected stakeholders will be notified prior to these activities and regular construction updates will be issued.

Will any trees be removed as part of these works?
The environs of the BD building were landscaped with a mix of planted Australian native trees in 2001. 14 of these young trees are required to be removed for the reconfigured road network and accessible pathway routes.

These trees will be replaced with locally-derived tree species in our replanting ratio of two trees planted for each tree removed, either within the work site or elsewhere on campus. Measures to protect the root zones of the more mature Tasmanian Blue Gum trees along Research Park Drive will be in place throughout the construction period.

Who can I contact for more information?
If you have any questions, please email

During the works – Pedestrian access through the BD public realm


After the works – The reconfigured Innovation Road after October 2018






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