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Silhouette of two Faculty of Business and Economics students in front of projected data.

The financial pressure and conflicting demands on higher degree researchers can sometimes be overwhelming.

“These students – many of whom come from a background of disadvantage, are women caring and providing for others, or are self-funded, international students paying full fees without family, financial or practical support – are on our mind all the time,” says Professor Stephen Brammer, Executive Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE).

According to Professor Brammer, the students in his faculty are dedicated, innovative and hard at work solving global issues “like strengthening economic productivity, monitoring risk and regulation, and bringing the human element to financial structures and sustainability”. However, he says some are definitely suffering from a lack of scholarships available for this period of their education, “and it is having a profound effect on their ability to stay the course”.

For example, one of the Faculty’s international students is a mother of two studying for her Master of Research; she was struggling. Her supervisor recognised her great potential but he was pained to realise that she was at risk of not completing her course due to financial hardship.

“Driven by compassion, he provided the student with funds from his personal savings, and helped her gain academic employment,” says Professor Brammer.

Motivated by knowing that the quality of her thesis wouldn’t be hampered, the supervisor’s reward was knowing he had relieved the load for someone with great promise. Professor Brammer says he simply could not stand by and watch her give up.

“His kind, gracious, anonymous donation meant that this student could complete her studies, which she did with flying colours,” says Professor Brammer. “She has also been admitted to PhD studies under a scholarship.”

“But it takes more than one generous supervisor,” adds Professor Brammer. “To ensure others are helped, the FBE established the Young Researchers Support Fund.”

If you are in a position to help, you may wish to consider donating to the Young Researchers Support Fund.  Donations towards this fund will directly reduce the financial pressure and conflicting demands our higher degree researchers experience so they can finish what they came to Macquarie University to start.





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