How to have a productive mid-session break

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Mid-session break means one step closer to the end-of-year countdown: final classes, final exams and final assessments. It’s a lot to take in, so how do you use those precious couple of weeks to manage what’s ahead?

Here are some tips to help you make the most of the mid-session break and get back on track.

  1. Get organised

Organisation is the key to managing your assessment workload, your study priorities and your time to minimise stress. Whether you stick to a daily or weekly schedule, map out all the things you have to do including assessments and any other ‘life stuff’ like appointments and job shifts. That way, you can work out what days are looking a little busier than others and adjust the schedule if you can.

2. Declutter 

We get it, session gets busy, which means your bedroom/study space is starting to look a little more chaotic than ordered. Spend a morning or afternoon clearing out your cupboards, shelves and desk space, keeping only the essentials. (If you have a hard time deciding what counts as ‘essential’, get a friend or family member to help you!). There are so many benefits to a clean and decluttered space: it’s a sense of achievement, a great mood-booster and will increase your focus on tasks when you’ve got less distractions around (goodbye, procrastination!).

If you find you work better in a different environment other than home, we’ve got lots of study spaces here on campus!

3. Manage your stress

UniWellbeing is a free, five-week online course for students, which provides you with key skills to assist you in responding to stress, worry, sadness or low moods prior to the peak assessment and exam period. The course commences every two weeks, and the mid-session break is the perfect time to start! You can apply to participate in the next  course by completing this short self-referral form.

4. Find your balance

While the mid-session break offers a fantastic chance to catch up on work without lectures and tutes, it’s important to also factor in time to refresh yourself – whether that means weekly sport, a day excursion with friends to somewhere you’ve never been before or an occasional Netflix binge. Do an activity that will allow you to really unwind, so that you’re far more refreshed to tackle assessments and other tasks.

5. Realign the goal posts

What did you do well in the first half of session? What do you want to improve on in the second half of session? Use your break to acknowledge things you’re grateful and appreciative for, including everything you’ve achieved in the first half of the session. Then make a list of outcomes you’d like to see for yourself by the end of the year, whether it is a certain mark for a subject, or a goal to lock in a summer internship. Write them on Post Its and stick them in places where you’ll see them every day, so they can act as small reminders to keep the focus during those last few weeks of session.

Think you’re in need of some extra tips to master certain skills to help you achieve your goals? There are workshops offered at MQ that can help you out, including how to write academically, edit your own work and prep for exams. Check out the full schedule here.





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