How to make the most of Orientation


It’s time for Orientation. Don’t know where to start? Here’s some advice from some returning students!


  • “Orientation is a lot of fun! There’s a fantastic vibe on campus, everyone is in Central Courtyard, you get to play sports, get free food, join in on fun activities (and of course the Ubar party!). It’s the best fun you’ll have before the real stuff starts.”
  • “Make the most of the week by getting involved. Bring your friends with you, talk to people and take part in the activities that are going on around you every day – you will immediately feel connected to the uni.”
  • “Visit the student group stalls: they’re a great place to meet people with similar interests as you, and making new friends from different areas can actually open many doors.”


  • “My biggest regret of my first year was getting unnecessarily lost because I didn’t do a campus tour or a library tour. Be sure to take full advantage of the tours run during Orientation. You may not have class during Orientation, but it is the perfect way to get your bearings on campus, as all of the important buildings are pointed out.”
  • “Orientation is a fantastic opportunity to get organised for the session: you can grab your textbooks, get your student card, double check your enrolment or class registration, and print out your unit guides before it gets busy during Week 1.”
  • “Work out where your classes are! There’s nothing worse than turning up with five minutes to spare and having no idea where your tutorial room is. Take some time to walk around campus and pinpoint where you will be next week.”


  • “Orientation is a great chance to get a head start on all those nagging questions you have, and that you may be too afraid to ask Student Connect to answer. There’s GLP (Global Leadership Program) staff, Librarians, Learning Skills Advisors, Buddy Mentors, Macquarie University Mentors, Careers and Employment Ambassadors, and just the plain old returning students, among many others roaming around all over campus eager to help.”
  • “Ask any questions you have, no matter how trivial they seem! Any information is helpful, even if it’s as simple as knowing the closest bathroom.”
  • “Grab a mentor! They are there specifically to help new students with transitioning into uni life and give you the tips and tricks that help you survive your first session. And you may even make a new friend in your mentor.”


  • “My biggest recommendation would be to check out your own Faculty stall and to get around to the GLP stall if you are interested in cross cultural and extracurricular activities.”
  • “Participate in whatever you can. Whether that be through volunteering, sport teams, revues, etc. This helps develop many skills, not just the academic.”
  • “Learn about exciting extracurricular activities you can get involved in. Look at what interests you, and things that you would like to give a go, and join some students groups – there’s heaps to suit any taste!”

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