It’s (voting) time: Get to know your nominees!


It’s election time and campus is abuzz! There’s lots of nominees across the separate Student Representative Committee (SRC) elections, the Academic Senate elections, and the University Council elections, so let’s get to know them.

Below, our University Council nominees introduce themselves, but you can also catch the SRC nominees online on the website. And, most importantly, don’t forget to vote! SRC elections close on Friday 12 May, and University Council and Academic Senate elections close Friday 19 May. For more info on how to vote, click here.



I’m Alistair! Chances are we’ve already met – either at an SRC event, a flashmob, or because I’ve yelled at you through a megaphone at Hub Hour. However, behind the hi-vis and average dance moves, is a zealous commitment to this great university. Through my involvement with the SRC, Campus Engagement, and student groups over the last six years, I’ve come to learn what it means to be a Macquarie student, and how our interests can be best represented. The student experience is shaped by University Council. As a Councillor, I will advocate for improved student wellbeing, equity and support services, be a representative for your perspective on issues such as HECS, SSAF, the redevelopment of the Campus Hub and RE:Conception, and get answers to ongoing issues such as parking. A loud and experienced voice is what you need on University Council – that’s why I’m taking the megaphone with me!



As a student representative, I will seek to restore autonomy and accountability to the student representative bodies at Macquarie University, and I hope to bring about meaningful change and more facilities through consultation and negotiation with the university administration to diversify and enrich the student experience, including but not limited to entertainments, arts and live music. I am passionate about students’ participation in university decision-makings. For me, this is an excellent opportunity to be a part of a team that is involved not only in the current students’ life but also the bigger picture of providing a greater opportunity to push your concerns even further and make sure your voice is heard. I used to be a representative at Liaison Committee, where we had the opportunity to review new legislation and make recommendations regarding academic matters.



Hey! I’m Viraj Singh, a second-year student keen on creating initiatives to enhance the university. I am a Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Professional Accounting. I’ve been actively involved in giving students a greater voice as a unit representative for two semester long terms and I currently serve as the Department Representative for the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance. These opportunities have helped me understand the priorities of my fellow students and what we want out of our time here at Macquarie. I’ve helped expand the representative program and I’m currently acting on key issues that I believe will help enrich the student experience across the university. I believe I can do more, which is why I ask you to join me in this partnership with the university, by electing me as the student representative to the University Council.



I’m running for University Council because I want to see Macquarie as a place that puts students first. I want to ensure that the student voice is heard and our experiences are valued. We currently have a problem at University. Students don’t know what’s going on – the SRC isn’t relevant to students’ everyday lives – students don’t feel as if they’re in control. The University is not clear in their communication about decisions and policies that actually affect students. If I’m elected as your University Council rep, I promise to: – Kick high school students out of the library
– Fix parking, either by reducing the number of permits sold or create more parking spaces
– Increase the amount of funding available to clubs and societies
– Campaign for the introduction of an International student concession passes.

Good luck to all nominees! You can also meet some of the SRC nominees on ampus between 8 – 12 May during the Food Truck Frenzy.





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