Thanks for the memories: A look back with the SRC

The current term of the SRC finishes up this week, so we caught up with some of the members to hear more about the highlights of their time serving their fellow students, and why they think others should get involved.


“Have you ever said, ‘I reckon uni would be better if we had fairy lights and RE:Conception Day…’? I did, and after a lot of work both of those things came to life. It’s an amazing feeling and great experience to be part of projects that have a real impact on your university. Nominate and vote.”

Lachlan, SRC Treasurer and Undergraduate Representative for the Faculty of Human Sciences

“Seeing students enjoy the events that we hosted makes me feel happy. The hard work we had in order to create these events finally paid off.”

Sinead, Postgraduate Representative from the Faculty of Arts

“I would highly encourage other students to get involved as the SRC really allows you to step out of your comfort zone and explore ideas, opportunities and ways of representing students which you may never have thought were possible.”

Shantell, Student Representative for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students

“The SRC is something that everybody should get involved in because you can really make a difference. So many times, I have found myself discussing with friends how I think something should be improved or changed and noticed other people doing the same. The SRC is an avenue to make these changes happen.”

Alistair, Undergraduate Student Representative

“Not all heroes wear capes, some wear oversized SRC t-shirts and plan fun events and opportunities to better campus life and celebrate the diversity of the Macquarie experience for all students! Come and join the SRC team!”

Courtney, Student Representative for Women’s Students

Thanks for the hard work, dedication and passion, team! Voting for the new term of the SRC begins Friday 5 May. Find out more on the website.






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