Mid-session break: Five things that’ll help you make the most of it


Mid-session break is upon us! With a lot of study waiting on the other side, this break is a great opportunity to unwind, refocus and get set for the post-break assessment period.

Whether you feel like you’re on track to achieving the goals you set at the beginning of session, or you’ve been swept up by classes, assessments, family and/or other commitments, this handy guide will help you reassess where you’re at in a few easy steps.

Some of us feel like we’ve gone a bit (or heaps) off track, which is why we’ve come up with five easy steps that can help you refocus, revise, reflect and recommit to achieving your goals.

1. Relax and regroup

– Take a moment to unwind from everything and breathe a little; do an activity you enjoy, catch up on sleep, or get social. It will help you momentarily step away from your study load.
– List all the things you do in a typical day and rank them according to which produce the greatest, overall fulfilment.

2. Reexamine

– Action your priorities: create action lists that feature your first, second and third highest priorities for the break period and once classes resume. Check out these Time Management Templates on StudyWISE for help with managing your time.
– Simplify your day and your uni life by focusing on these things – you’ll find that your productivity and efficiency will increase, which can really help combat those stress levels.

3. Constantly reflect

– Repeat what works best for you: every day, review what has worked and what hasn’t.
– Make lists of things to both “do more” of and “do less” of. These checklists may help, and you can use them daily.
– Ask yourself how you can do things a little more effectively and efficiently tomorrow.

4. Get stuck in

– Work on assignments, review and revise your study plan, then download a template to create a schedule of all due work for when session recommences.
– Take a Learning Skills workshop to help you improve, or to learn about researching, writing and referencing your assignments.
– Need help with finding sources? Get in touch with the Library via email or chat, or drop by the Library InfoDesk.
– Need help with assignment writing? Drop in and see a Learning Adviser (12 – 2pm weekdays) at the Library Info Desk or send through a query via their online form.
– Check in with the StudyWISE calendar for the tips and tricks you will need week by week for the rest of the session.

5. Recognise

– Remember to acknowledge things you are grateful and appreciative for; it helps you realise what is worth worrying about (and what isn’t!).
– Celebrate wins and notice how you accomplish them – this will make you more likely to keep on track and recommit to your goals.

Need wellbeing help? There’s also WellbeingWise: a free online course through iLearn, which helps you deal with stress, worry, sadness or low moods. The mid-session break next week is the perfect time to start before everything gets busy again when classes resume!








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  1. As an online student I do wish you wouldn’t constantly change the settings and links.
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