Bright lights, big campus: The quiet achievements of the SRC


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If you’ve ever found yourself on campus after the sun goes down, then you would be familiar with the beautiful fairy lights that illuminate Wally’s Walk at night. What you might not know, though, is that the lights are there thanks to the hard work of the SRC – our very own Student Representative Committee, who work tirelessly to improve the student and campus experience at Macquarie.

The current SRC began their term in May 2015, and the installation of the fairy lights was one of the first initiatives they had on their agenda. The lights are, of course, aesthetically pleasing, but the team also wanted to address safety concerns for those students who travelled down the Walk at night.

“With tutorial rooms all along the walkway, as well as major lecture theatres including Macquarie Theatre and Lotus Theatre, Wally’s Walk has high foot traffic well into the evening.  Many students also travel the route to get to the carpark and the gym,” says Alistair Booth, who is one of the current undergraduate student representatives of the SRC. “We wanted to make the walk a more pleasant and enjoyable experience, especially during the winter time when it gets dark early and is often wet, cold and bleak. From a safety perspective, given how many people travel along the route at night, it was also essential that people felt safe and comfortable walking the route, especially when alone at night.”

The installation of the fairy lights was a joint effort between the SRC and Macquarie Property, who enthusiastically helped the team implement the project. The SRC members were fully involved in the delivery of the project, right down to choosing the style and design of the lights.

The fairy lights are only one of the many achievements of the current SRC. By the time the team finish their current term in May this year, they will have been involved in countless projects and initiatives around campus, from academic policy, to the creation of gender-neutral bathrooms and RE:Conception, the annual Macquarie festival.

The best bit is, this is your opportunity to get involved. On 30 March, nominations will open for the next term of the SRC, which commences in May. Anyone can put their hat in the ring to join, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the campus experience of all students, as well as the long-term direction of Macquarie.

Stay tuned to MyMQ, where we’ll be bringing you all the latest info on the SRC elections in the coming weeks. Next week’s issue will feature more about how you can get involved!






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