Adult gymnastics is a thing – and it’s super fun


Gymnastics – it’s not just for kids. This week, we caught up with marketing/media student Rachael and IT student Richard, who do adult gymnastics down at the Sport and Aquatic Centre.

What made you choose adult gymnastics?

I was  looking for something a little different to add to my weekly activities, and a couple of friends recommended I go along and try it. It sounded like a really fun way of keeping fit.

I wanted to learn some new party tricks, and the focus on strength conditioning and flexibility was a big thing for me too. Gymnastics definitely uses muscles that you didn’t even know existed and ‘tummy-trashing Tuesdays’ (and Thursdays) with coach Sam is definitely a thing. Once I did I loved it and now look forward to it every week.

What am I looking to accomplish?

Gymnastics is constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and challenging me to try new things that I didn’t know my body could do. There are proud moments among the many epic fails!

As an amateur, there are basically unlimited variations of skills to learn so I set new goals every few weeks. At the moment I am trying out a few new tumbling connections on the trampoline. Overall I just want to feel stronger, more flexible and confident to try new things.

How much time do you spend practicing a week?

At the moment I just do the one two hour class a week, and try to do some extra core and strength work outside of class when I can, just so I can improve on some of my skills.

I do find myself wanting to do more. Every time I get bored at home I find myself upside down, practicing handstands or something!

What is the most enjoyable aspect of adult gymnastics?

There is a really nice group of people in the class who are willing to help AND assist each other and pass on tips. Ever since my first trial lesson, I felt very welcome.

 I feel like I improve on or learn something new every week. Because I’ve never done anything before these classes.

Does it interfere with uni life at all?

I will always make time for exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. Being on campus is really convenient as well. I have tutorials in the day and then am forced to study until gymnastics class so it works out really well.

It’s a great way to get active and improve your strength, as well as being a great opportunity to be social. If anything, it helps to keep a well balanced lifestyle.

Interested in finding out more? Check out the Sport and Aquatic Centre website for more info about what it offers.






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