Unlikely partnerships: Raj and Robbo


One spring morning in September 2014, Robbo and Raj found themselves slogging away at the gym.

They had both been regulars for many years, but always trained alone; they both thought that having a training partner was just an unnecessary distraction.

It all started when Robbo spotted a despondent-looking Raj at the bench press. Presuming Raj wanted some guidance, he started a conversation, only to discover that Raj longed for a training partner, and had since his training days in Zimbabwe many years before. The rest is history.

Since the beginning of the year, Raj and Robbo have been training together four or five times a week. “We are the unlikeliest of gym partners,” says Robbo. “Aside from Raj being twice my age, he is vegetarian – and I can’t imagine a world without meats – and he hates headphones and music. ‘What’s this crap on now?’ he says to me all the time.”

Despite their obvious differences, Rob and Raj found that their goals were very similar. In 2015 they embarked on an ambitious program together. “I had always formulated my workouts based on internet readings, but Raj introduced me to new exercises I’d never attempted before and weights that previously scared me. We removed each other from the comfort zones we were accustomed to and the results were brilliant,” explains Robbo.

“Training with a partner isn’t for everyone. You go to the gym to work, not to sit on your phone or talk the ear off the bloke next to you. It requires discipline and commitment. Once you have a partner you can’t just skip a session for a night on the couch. But it makes it all the more worthwhile.”

Refer-a-friend: Already have someone in mind as a training partner? All current members of the gym are being offered two weeks free this October, as well as the rest of the month free for a friend. Find out more by calling the member engagement team on 02 9850 7636.





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