Mixing it up: Jackson, security studies student and touch footy champ


Meet Jackson: he’s in his second year of a Bachelor of Security Studies, plays touch football for Australia, and teaches karate on the side.

“I’ve always been interested in security, and was always keen on joining the defence force. I actually applied to be a military pilot, but wasn’t accepted on a minor technicality. When I found out that you could actually study security studies at uni, it felt like the perfect choice.

So far, it’s been really beneficial to understanding the political climate around the world. There’s also the added bonus that it’s an expanding job industry, and that there’ll be more and more jobs available as time goes on.

When I was really young I played soccer at a high level, but didn’t actually play much footy at all. Once I started, though, it came really natural to me; my dad played at a high level, and just from passing the ball around with him my natural ability kicked in.

But even then I didn’t know about touch footy, and I only heard about it from a friend. Once I started playing though, I really enjoyed it and became quite dedicated to it.

There’s a NSW team, but I never made it. In the end, after a lot of hard work, I bypassed it and got straight into the Australian team.

I don’t know which path I’ll follow when I finish uni, but the good thing with touch footy is you can play well at any age. Being a Macquarie Sports Scholar has really helped. I’m also a black belt in karate and I get to teach it to both adults and kids when I’m not playing or studying.”

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