MacWarrior: A brief history of the man and myth


The MacWarrior is a figure now synonymous with Macquarie. But do you know his backstory?

Recognisable by his kilt and face paint, MacWarrior is a ‘Braveheart’ Scottish Highland figure – an ode to Macquarie’s Scottish namesake, Lachlan Macquarie, who was the Governor of NSW from 1810 – 1821.

The MacWarrior legend originates on the island of Ulva in the Hebrides of Scotland, and dates back to the early 1800s. Of all young people from this land the MacWarrior was known for his courage both on and off the sporting field, utilising his leadership to create a sense of community.

As an innovator and a high achiever who helped create a vision of hope and achievement amongst his people, the MacWarrior realised his contribution could reach beyond his own community. With the star of Sirius calling him to a greater cause, he set out on a journey of discovery across the seas.

After facing many challenges along the way, he eventually made port in Australia where he heard the calling of his Scottish ancestry, who guided him to Macquarie. Although faced with many similar challenges to that of other young adults finding their feet in a new community and not completely understanding the world around him, the MacWarrior found meaning through sport, an interest that allowed him to express himself fully in his pursuit of excellence.

It is that ‘never-say-die’ attitude that has allowed the MacWarrior to cultivate the winning spirit that embodies Macquarie. Since 2006 he has proudly lead the Macquarie Sport teams into battle across the land, supporting them to victory and representing all that is great within the Macquarie community.





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