Changes to the Assessment Policy #3

A new Assessment Policy is in place this session. We know policies can be a lot to take in, so we’ve broken it down for you: here’s the final three important updates to the Assessment Policy that you should know about.

5. You can get a second chance if you fail a ‘hurdle’ requirement
Some (but not all) units have a minimum performance level that is required in order to pass a unit. For example, if your final examination requires you to achieve a mark of fifty percent in order to pass the unit (no matter how well you’ve performed in earlier assessments), it is known as a ‘hurdle requirement’. Under the new policy, you must be provided with a second chance to meet the hurdle requirements provided you have made a serious first attempt at the assessment. There will be some exceptions to this general rule, which is detailed in your unit guide.

6. Your opinion matters
As partners in your learning, you are welcome and encouraged to provide constructive feedback on your assessment tasks. Please take the time to let your tutor know how assessments could be improved.

7. Final exams
The final examination timetable will be published at least four weeks prior to the first exam. Remember, you won’t be allowed to enter the exam after an hour has passed – so make sure you’re on time!





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